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I mean, they all said it would work. That you just click a few buttons, and BAM you are a published author, but I seriously expected my computer to crash mid-upload, or a natural disaster, or…something. But it’s seriously worked. It’s LIVE!!!!!  Click here to purchase on Amazon or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

That all sounded easy peasy, but honestly, I was a fucking wreck this week. I imagine it’s worse for brand new authors, but I’m pretty sure all authors go through this… “It’s release week! Hooray!” then “Oh shit, did I fix that one thing…….?!” then “This is shit. Nobody is going to buy this.” then “All right, people are engaging on social media…maybe I’ll sell a book or 3.” then “WHY DOES CREATESPACE HATE ME??????” Anyone else? No? Just me?

I’ll say this…my love, Derek. He’s a good man. He put up with a monster this week, and didn’t cuss me out even once. Love you, baby!

So, anyway, Where the Shadow Lies is L-I-V-E. The paperback should be up soon…anytime now…(see CreateSpace comment above).

So…what’s it about? Well, aside from the blurb, which you’ll see online, it’s really about the journey three people take together(ish), but each in a very different place in their lives, and the dreaded antagonist who’s out to ruin them all. So, who are these people? Well, we’ve got Jael, the heroine. She is a woman who is basically clawing her way through each day, just trying to stay alive and sane. And she…struggles with both. Then there’s her son, Jason. Ahh…Jason. He has quirks and compulsions and impulses aplenty. He is hit with so much in this book. More than most people his age could handle, I think. And…he…well, that’s all I’ll say. Then, we have Zander. He tries to keep everyone alive. Poor guy.

I won’t go into much further detail, because, well…it’s a mystery, after all. And spoilers make me murderous. No, seriously, you could ask this one guy (I think his name was Ned?) who once told me some really important shit about Game of Thrones, but alas…he’s no longer with us, may he rest in peace.

I can’t wait for you to read this book. And I’d absolutely love to hear what you think when you finish. (Sad plea for reviews, here.)

Oh! And there’s a discussion group. Once you finish (because spoilers) come play with us, here, and we promise not to bite. Well…mostly.

Have a happy Hump Day, and enjoy your journey down the rabbit hole.



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